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Energy Sparkling Wellness Kombucha

Organic Kombucha - New!

Flavors: Fresh Ginger, Peach, Elder and Rose

Crazy Coco Organic Kombucha is raw, naturally fermented and carbonated tea-drink with fresh taste. Kombucha is an all-natural healthy drink, with extremely high levels of probiotics and other healthy amino acids.


Flavors: Mango and Lime

Crazy Coco Energy is the world’s rst 100% coconut water-based
energy drink. Developed by Crazy Coco Oy. This beverage ticks

all the trend boxes, plant based with no added sugar or sweete-

Sparkling Wellness

Flavors: Strawberry and Green Apple

Crazy Coco Sparkling Wellness is natural coconut water-based wellness drink, with added vitamin C. Great healthy alternative to regular water based fizzy drinks.