Crazy Coco

Crazy Coco and the story of how coconut flew into our everyday lives - how all got started

Our life situation inspired the creation of a new product. Two friends with children, challenging jobs and the need for an easy energy boost in everyday life. The energy and wellness drinks that helped us through our hectic lifestyles had one thing in common: they left us wondering what we really needed from them. We wanted such drinks to be zesty, refreshing and as natural as possible, and above all, something we could drink with a clean conscience. Could we create a new kind of energy drink as naturally as possible? This was a really tough (coco)nut to crack.

When considering a more nutrient-rich base for an energy and wellness drink, fresh and naturally sweet coconut water began to feel like an attractive choice. We wouldn’t need to add sugar or sweeteners if the drinks were avored with coconut water, fruit and berries, since coconut water contains natural sugars. We knew that if a 100% coconut water-based energy drink could be created, it could even become a flagship among natural energy drinks, guaranteed to stand out from ordinary, water-based rivals.

Studying the market through our food industry expertise convinced us we were on the right track. International trend surveys highlighted recurring themes that we also found important: familiar natural ingredients, healthiness, reduced white sugar, and the importance of individual choice. In addition, commercial decision-makers conrmed that enthusiasm for energy and wellness drinks just keeps growing.

This was the start of uncompromising, persistent product development and the building of a new brand. We also grabbed the phone and called a top Finnish designer, who brought our brand to life visually. These are the ingredients behind Crazy Coco, which turned our lives around – by introducing ethical refreshment!

Crazy Coco Oy Founders

Juha Vesikansa

Juha Vesikansa

Janne Juutilainen

Janne Juutilainen

Our promise to you

  • Every time you choose a Crazy Coco -product you can count on full and fresh taste, awless and steady quality and 100% food safety.
  • Our everyday operations are run with ethical business principless, with open culture and social responsibilities taken into account.
  • Operations are systematically run with equal respect towards all stakeholders.

Where does coconutwater come from?

Responsible farming principles and maintaining high quality in raw materials is very important to us. Our coconutwater is farmed and harvested in Ben Tre, Vietnam.

Social responsibility guarantees

Vastuullisen toiminnan takeet

With our high demands regarding social responsibility in our supply chain we take following areas into account

  • Our production facilities have been positively audited by 3rd party
  • Regular visits and facility checks
  • Quality certificates and documents are always up to date and valid
  • We are committed to support our supply chain in projects with goals to gain more wellbeing and decrease climate impacts.

Crazy Coco coconutwater based drinks are

  • ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAl, GMP and HACCP –certified and fullfill the highest manufacturing standards.

Crazy Coco Organic Kombucha drinks are part of organic quality control and fullfill the high EU standards. Crazy Coco Kombuchas are manufactured in Bulgaria.

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